• Iris Fullerton

The Little Things - Place Settings

Hi everyone,

Back again for another "The Little Things" post. Today I wanted to share some ideas on how to make the table stand out. I see a lot of companies now moving away from place settings and just having a plain table but when comparing my work with others - it is still one of the ways I can stand out without a ton of work.

When we stage houses in the area we are always looking for small ways to make a dramatic impact. Plates, settings, napkins, and napkin rings are all fairly inexpensive but can really add to your design. Everyone I have spoken with has really appreciated the extra effort. So next time you're in a store and find some unique napkin rings - don't be afraid to pick up a set and use them in your next house.

Take a look at just a few examples of recent tables I set with completely different styles of settings. What do you think? I would love to see examples of how you all set your tables as well.

Looking forward to the next post on "The Little Things". Thanks for reading!


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